Enjoying Natures Beauty Along the Coquihalla

My passion, or my life goal, isn’t something you can simply achieve with positive thinking.

Have you ever had someone tell you to just think positively about something and it will happen? Extremely frustrating! …

Every online business needs content, and every online business needs that content updated regularly!

Did you know that Google takes note of how often the content on your website is updated? Websites that regularly update their content show a sign of quality and credibility, ranking them higher in search engines…

Writing is not fun, in fact, sometimes it’s incredibly difficult. It requires 100% focus and attention, and just when you’ve reached that peak of your creative mind, a toddler is hungry or a child is asking you what 60 times 4 is - just because!

If you’re already writing

Do you just love to…

As I venture into the world or freelance writing, I came across a platform called Vocal Media. They don’t pay a lot, infact, aside from a couple small tips, I’ve only earned 53 cents in six months!

The real money isn’t in your views though, it’s in the writing challenges!

Written February 13, 2016 on MamasVoice

I’ve never believed in addiction the way most people have been taught about it. Not even when I went to an addictions councillor with my addict boyfriend when I was 18 – I honestly couldn’t believe the B.S. …

Desiree Wisekal

#Mother of 4, #homeschooler, #homesteader and wife! Trying to navigate through a poisoned culture, keeping #God in mind and heart. Finding our roots 💛

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