What is your coping mechanism?

Written February 13, 2016 on MamasVoice

I’ve never believed in addiction the way most people have been taught about it. Not even when I went to an addictions councillor with my addict boyfriend when I was 18 – I honestly couldn’t believe the B.S. coming out of the guys mouth, I mean, has he ever actually experienced addiction?

I’ve always felt that by labeling addictions, society has really just created an excuse for the users who simply don’t want a “normal” life. That is to say, they’ve actually chosen and have come to prefer the lifestyle they are in.


It is time for our churches to wake up

Written September 21, 2020 on MamasVoice

I know that you are doing the best that you think you can right now, and I am sorry that we cannot agree on what is right at the moment. But that same “inner voice” that has guided me my whole life, and that same voice that was right every time (I didn’t always listen and in those moments I got into nasty trouble) – that same voice has been eating at me since the beginning of all of this. …

My Eyes Were Opened So I Could Truly Start Living!

As I venture into the world or freelance writing, I came across a platform called Vocal Media. They don’t pay a lot, infact, aside from a couple small tips, I’ve only earned 53 cents in six months!

The real money isn’t in your views though, it’s in the writing challenges!

I finally braved over to scan Vocal’s writing challenges and I found one titled, “Create Your Happiness”. As I read over the requirements, I find they’re looking for a story of our favourite to-do’s, scissor crafts and Art projects. Being a mother of 4, I figure this should be simple…

Is Social Networking Causing You To Become Anti-Social?

Social media has blown up in the last 2 decades, but so have mental “roadblocks”.

Written February 6, 2018 on MamasVoice

For the past five years (at least) I’ve struggled a lot with depression – nothing ‘official’ – and I’ve always managed to pull myself out of it. These last two years have been increasingly difficult as I struggle with where our lives are going and what the point of everything we do actually is. Each decision we make is shaping the life experiences of 5 people! With knowledge of God beside me, It is entirely our children – and my driven dedication to them – that has been my strength to get up and…

– Being the calm within the storm!

Written May 18, 2020 on MamasVoice

I’ve mentioned it in earlier writing, coming across a poll considering the shift in focus from academics to mental health once school resumes. I personally was not on-board with the idea and in fact, it was the final detail of our educational system that pushed us to make the ultimate decision to simply homeschool everyone going forward!

I love my kids to death, but let’s be honest! For many, this was just an extended spring break – or early start to summer holidays! …

Desiree Wisekal

Mom of 4, homeschooler and wife! Trying to navigate through a poisoned culture, keeping God in mind and heart. Finding our roots 💛

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