Addiction Misunderstood

What is your coping mechanism?

The life she had – or the life I thought she had – before her drug use, Simply wasn’t there anymore.

Most people think addiction is about the drug itself. No matter the reason for starting, depending on the drug, you are simply unable to make the choice of quitting after you’ve began.

What we both didn’t know then, was that no matter what our mother did from that point on, she would never get my sister back. The courts already made their decisions and it was too late.

I’m not saying every “addict” is the same and we should just allow them to neglect those in their care, but I think we all need to retrain ourselves to be more tolerant and supportive instead of judgmental and degrading.



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Desiree Wisekal

#Mother of 4, #homeschooler, #homesteader and wife! Trying to navigate through a poisoned culture, keeping #God in mind and heart. Finding our roots 💛